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Condominiums in Thai

Condominiums are a very popular Thai phenomenon. A condominium or, as it is commonly abbreviated, a condominium in Phuket is a residential building run by an outsourcing company or company established during construction. All condominium proprietors in Thai tag a public own make use of convention, pay the condominium reward, water supply and electric light bills. All rest manipulation refers to the condominium in Phuket are engaged in the executive firm, but not limited to the cleaning services of the condominiums.

The main features of a condominium

Before you buy condominium in Thailand, you need to study their features. An important feature of a condominium in Phuket is that the management company can manage your property in your absence in terms of maintenance. For example, you are going to leave the country for a year and want to rent out your condo in Phuket. You inform the manager of the company and pay a certain percentage of the rent. After that you have nothing to worry about. All operations with condominiums in Thailand will take care of the management company. They will find tenants, help them move in, evict them, take meter readings and provide things like cleaning and laundry services.

Condos for Sale

Buying a condo in Phuket is a great decision. Features of the legal system of the country are such that foreigners can buy this type of real estate without restrictions. The only thing in Thailand, the number of houses owned by foreigners may not exceed 49% in one condominium. In this case, buy a condominium in Thailand is very profitable, the choice is huge, from the extremely budget and modest options to the obscenely luxurious, located in the most popular places of the Kingdom.

If you cannot yet buy an apartment in Thailand, take the opportunity to rent. The peculiarity of this deal is a fluctuating price. Some indicators are constant (infrastructure, distance to the sea, the view from the window does not change), but the season and term of the lease varies. Note: When renting a condominium in Thailand, you usually pay a deposit equal to the monthly fee. There is no free Wi-Fi in rented condos.

Condominiums for investment

Buying a condo in Phuket as an investment project is possible if you wise act. Not all condos will be in demand by travelers; it is not worth investing money in them for future rentals.

Condos in Patong make sense to buy only if you are going to rent it to tourists. The area is noisy and crowded. The most promising area is the central part of the island Chalong. Finished apartments there are quite expensive, the cost starts at $ 100,000 for 1-bedroom, but a huge number of apartments are under construction. If you want to spend your vacation in the apartment you bought, we recommend a great beach in the Bang Tao area.

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